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15th St Automotive in Puyallup

Steve Swanlund

ASE Certified Master Technician

Steve is an ASE Certified Master Technician and owner of 15th St. Automotive. He has been in this business for thirty years. 

Steve is ASE Certified in engine repair, automatic transmissions, manual drive trains and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, heating and air conditioning, engine performance and advanced engine performance.

Steve is ASE hybrid certified, and he was the first in the region to be ASE hybrid certified.

"I started working on cars for the same reason every other kid did: because I was too cheap to have someone else fix it. I watched while my dad worked on the family cars; I learned from watching him do tune-ups to overhaul engines. There were a few nights that I would be out in the driveway working on my latest car until midnight so that I could get to school in the morning."

"After graduating from Sumner High School, I joined the U.S. Army as a tank mechanic. I was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky where I received my training before heading off to South Korea. After my tour there, I finished my term in the military at Fort Carson, Colorado before returning to the Puyallup Valley with my wife Carrie to raise our family."

"Continuing in the automotive repair field, I accepted a job at a small repair shop in Puyallup where I became friends with Randy Hoover and Perry Sipe, who I would work closely with in the future. During this time I became involved with the Mickey Thompson Racing Circuit; I joined the “Quick N Bright” Race team as a member of the pit crew and we toured the western United States for nearly two years. My family settled in Phoenix, Arizona and I accepted a position at a shop in nearby Peoria when the Mickey Thompson Racing Circuit disbanded. The owners of this shop were very professional and took very good care of their employees; I knew that I wanted to own a shop like this one."

"In 1998 we returned to the Puyallup Valley where Carrie and I started putting things together for our own shop. By early 2002 we had everything figured out and most of the equipment we needed for the shop; we found a good location and signed the lease; my dad and I spent two weeks working 16-18 hours a day renovating the building to meet our needs. By June first of that same year, we were opened for business. Carrie ran the front office and I ran the shop; from the outset, we were committed and had spent long hours taking care of our customers. This commitment has been the key to our success."

15th St Automotive in Puyallup

Carrie Swanlund

Service Advisor

Carrie provides valuable assistance to everyone in the company to make sure that customers are satisfied with 15th Street Automotive's services.

Carrie's background is in customer service. She worked for a local orthopedic surgeon's office for twelve years.

Today, she puts her compassion for others to use in the automotive field. Carrie feels fortunate to love owning 15th Street Automotive and counts many of their customers as friends.

Bosch Diesel Center EnviroStars Certified AAA Approved Auto Repair ASE Certified Federated Car Care Certified Auto Repair

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